Friday, 20 July 2012

Juicee Fai rigged mesh dress

Hoorahhh!! finally i have finished it .. what started out as a plain little dress, ended up with boots, belt and swords, typical of me really, nothing ever stays simple!

Juicee Fai is a mid length dress, in each purchase you will find  5 sizes according to SL standard sizing

XXS, XS, S, M, L

Each belt is sized to fit the dress and the swords although are NOT scripted for damage, do have a sheath script in them, so when you draw a sword they will turn invisable, and likewise when you sheath your sword they will reappear on your belt.

It comes with a great pair of boots that have socks built into them

also you will recieve a selection of alpha masks and a pair of longs socks to stop any peekage under the skirt

as  this is a fully rigged mesh outfit  there is also a demo available  in the main store and on the marketplace

i hope you enjoy!!

love maisy xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Another sneak peek

so im nearly done with this one, ive decided to call it fai and it will come with the swords on the belt and the boots, hopefully ill have this out for sale in the next day or two

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Teaser of what i am presently working on , this is a screen shot in blender  of my latest design, a dress for Freewomen

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Cavalier is my first mesh for men , with a piratey/ muskateer flavour, it is 100% rigged mesh

With a cream shirt with attached leather belt, pants with attached dagger and awesome cavalier boots, these are all wearable seperately, and comes with a selection of appropriate alpha masks

Yana ..Mesh!!

inspired by an outfit i saw on Game of Thrones, this a 100% rigged mesh.

Leather laced up jacket, leather pants and matching boots, these are all wearable as seperate items, so mix n matching is possible, comes with a selection of Alpha masks


Obviously for the ladies, it comes with 2 different length skirts, a corseted top and sculpted fur jacket, with hood up, hood down options, to complete it comes with fur lined lace up boots, as always , the boots are available seperately


Fenrir has a flavour of the north, with kilted leather that has an attached belt and codpeice, additional pants are included , its also comes with a flexi fur shrug and snug fur boots, shrug is available seperately

Boots are unisex and avaible seperately

also for the ladies

and for the daring men